Selling on eBay & Amazon (2023)

After all your hard workSearch for a product for saleAnda supplier who delivers your products, it's time to get to the core of online selling! You have a wide choice:

Where would you like to offer your products?

I'll focus on thatAmazonasand eBay for most of this guide, but there are a few other options I'll mention as well. Without further ado, let's dive in.

Selling on Amazon vs. eBay

Selling on eBay & Amazon (1)

  • Total active users:310 million
  • Total Sellers:2.5 million
  • Fees:$39.99 monthly subscription fee plus selling fees per item
  • Seller's business model:Fixed price listing
  • Seller Tools:Offers a range of tools for analytics, in-store promotion, and FBA service for shipping.
  • Market share:Accounts for almost 50% of all e-commerce sales in the US.

Selling on eBay & Amazon (2)

  • Total active users:180 million
  • Total Sellers:25 million
  • Seller's business model:Auction style
  • Fees:12.9% up to $7,500 and 2.35% on the portion of the sale over $7,500
  • Seller Tools:Provides a range of tools to help you create, manage and promote your offers.
  • Market share:Accounts for less than 10% of US e-commerce sales.

Amazon vs eBay: What's the difference?

The two biggest competitors for online trading are Amazon and eBay.

Selling on eBay & Amazon (3)

Both have millions in sales every year, both get hundreds of thousands of eyeballs every day, and both host almost every product you can think of. Amazon is said to have more than 310 million active users and 2.5 million sellers, while eBay has nearly 180 million users and 25 million sellers.

While there are many similarities between the two platforms, there are some significant differences:

eBay's Auction Style vs. Amazon's Fixed Price

One of the most prominent differences between these two giants is eBay's style of auctioning (as opposed to a fixed price listing).

Selling on eBay & Amazon (4)

Basically, you can offer your items at a very low price and have consumers bid to buy the product. The highest bid wins when time runs out.

Amazon, on the other hand, simply lists items at the price they're sold at, and that's it. Overall, this isn't a huge difference, simply due to the fact that you should almost always list your items at a fixed price, no matter which marketplace you choose.

The auction style is much less reliable and more geared towards people selling one-off items around the house.

Amazon Fees vs. eBay Fees: Who Has the Lowest Fees?

One of the most important considerations when deciding between eBay and Amazon is how much it will cost you. I am talking about the fee that you are charged for every sale you make.

Amazon and eBay both charge a fee every time you sell something on their platform, but the exact amount you have to pay may differ between the two platforms.

Every time you pay a fee you eat up your profit margin, so it's important to do the math and see which one offers the best value for money.

Ebay charges

You can list 250 items for free on eBay every month. After that, you will be charged $0.35 per entry.

They charge a 12.9% fee up to $7,500 on most items and 2.35% on the portion of the sale over $7,500 final value fee, but there are exceptions. For example, if you're selling a guitar, they only take 3.5% of the final value of your sale.

For the full guide to eBay Selling Fees click here.

Amazon Fees

Amazon's fees are higher than eBay's. As a professional seller, you pay a monthly subscription of $39.99. There is no referral fee, but Amazon charges a referral fee for every sale you make. In most cases, the referral fee is 15%, but it varies depending on the type of product you are selling. Media items such as books, music, video games, etc. have a closing fee of $1.80 per item.

If you choose to use the Amazon FBA service explained below, you will incur additional storage, handling, packaging, and shipping charges for your products.

For the full guide to Selling on Amazon fees, click here.

Which platform offers the bestseller tools?

Both platforms have a remarkable track record when it comes to the range of additional tools and services they offer to sellers. However, the main one that sets them apart from the rest is Amazon's Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) service.

What is Amazon FBA and how does it work?

FBA is Amazon's warehouse fulfillment service. Basically, they store all your goods in their warehouse and even ship them for you for a certain price. (Nothing is free, of course!)

Selling on eBay & Amazon (5)

You might want to go with Amazon specifically for this reason, as storing your own inventory can be a huge hassle. More information about Fulfillment by Amazon can be found hereAmazon Help Center. I'll also talk a bit more about that in the advanced tips below.

(Video) Selling on eBay VS Amazon in 2023

Other Amazon seller tools

Amazon also provides sellers with a number of tools to use within the platform, such as Selling.

Some helpful resources:

eBay seller tools

eBay has a number of tools you can use to create, manage, and advertise your listings. There's the Seller Hub, the central dashboard for running your eBay business, as well as selling templates to simplify your listings and the eBay mobile app.

Alternatives to eBay and Amazon

While Amazon and eBay are the largest and most well-known online marketplaces, there are plenty of alternatives if you're not ready to sell on these massive sites.

  • Etsy

    Etsy is a great marketplace for any retailer looking to sell handmade or vintage (>20 years old) goods. Your goods must meet the handmade or vintage criteria, however, as Etsy is pretty quick to ban sellers who don't follow their rules.

    Selling on eBay & Amazon (6)

    Etsy caters primarily to small merchants who make their own items.

    However, some merchants sell items that have been handcrafted by their suppliers. If you want to do this, you must do thisdisclose the relevant information in an application to Etsy; Your application will then be reviewed and either approved or rejected.

  • Jet

    Selling on eBay & Amazon (7) is emerging as a major new player in the online retail world. They appeared almost overnight and quickly became a major threat to eBay and Amazon.

    They get a lot of traffic and aim to grow fairly quickly over the coming months and years. Of all the possible alternatives, Jet is probably the most unique.

  • Rakuten

    Selling on eBay & Amazon (8)

    Formerly, Rakuten is basically the Asian equivalent of Amazon. While it's pretty easy to set up an account and sell on it, I've heard bad things about their providers. They seem to bring minimal sales, which is worse because their fees are quite high compared to Amazon or eBay.

    Of course, this might just be hearsay, but I'd recommend doing some research or waiting until you have some experience before experimenting with it.

  • uBid

    Ubid is the most unique of all the marketplaces I've listed so far. It's an auction style, similar to eBay. However, instead of getting paid the amount someone buys it for, you get paid every time someone places a bid.

    Selling on eBay & Amazon (9)

    You could potentially make $1000 for a $200 sale on an iPad. However, users should beware; I have read many reviews stating that the uBid sellers are scammers.

    While you won't scam people, it might not even be worth being around potential scammers lest you get thrown in with them and their bad reputation. However, if you really want to avoid eBay or Amazon, it may be worth doing more research on the company to see if you can be successful there.

I'm going to talk about product listings now, but if you want to look at other alternatives to the above, check these outThis articlewhich provides a handy summary of places you might consider.

How to create great product listings

Regardless of which marketplace you sell on, the small details on your product listing page will play a big part in whether someone buys from you.

Here are some tips for creating product listings that get more visibility and more sales. I've ranked these in order of importance, so start at the top!

#1: Don't skimp on product images

A picture says more than a thousand words, as the saying goes. Your product image is the reason people click (or don't click) on your listing, so it's extremely important that you get this right.

Ideally, you will need high-resolution (i.e. large and clear) images that cover multiple angles and show how the product is being used.

For example, let's say you sell a helmet. You should have the following images:

  • An image of the front of the helmet alone with a plain background (ideally white).
  • A photo of each side of the helmet
  • A closeup of any design on the helmet
  • Some pictures of people actually wearing the helmet, maybe riding a bike or a skateboard.

For bonus points you could include a video. High-quality videos (even videos with a static image!) have been shown to increase sales.

Selling on eBay & Amazon (10)

Pro tip: Even if you can't afford to hire a professional product photographer, you should still be able to get decent results with the right tools and equipment. Check out this guide that will help you with thatmaster product photography on a tight budget!

#2: Optimize your title

The title is the second most important thing to focus on. Along with your product images, your title encourages people to click on your listing. It's also very important for increasing your visibility - especially on eBay.

There are some important differences between what makes a good title on a platform like eBay and what makes a good title on a platform like Amazon.

Title on eBay

To increase your visibility on eBay, add "keywords" to your title.

For example, you might list a bike helmet as "Razor V-17 Kid's Protective Helmet For BMX Bicycle Bike Cycling Scooter Ski Skateboard."

(Video) Selling on eBay and Amazon vs Your Own Website

Kind of sounds like spam, doesn't it? But it helps your listing show up when people search eBay for different things like "BMX helmet", "bike helmet", "bike helmet", "scooter helmet", "ski helmet" and "skateboard helmet".

Selling on eBay & Amazon (11)

Ebay's algorithms pay close attention to the words in your title, and although "bicycle" and "bicycle" or "kids" and "kids" mean the same thing, they will still bill you higher for an offer that contains the exact word, what the customer was looking for.

So if you want to get your helmet listing in front of as many potential buyers as possible, you need to stuff all those "keywords" in it - even if it looks spammy.

Title on Amazon

Amazon, on the other hand, wants you to list to the point, descriptive titles without too many keywords.

The same helmet could be listed as "Razor V-17 Youth Multisport Helmet". Much more concise without spam.

What is a keyword?

Keywords are an important concept when selling online, so they deserve a special box.

Selling on eBay & Amazon (12)

Keywords are the words you want your product to appear in search results for. For example, if you sell running shoes, you definitely want to appear when someone searches for “running shoes.” However, you might also want to appear when someone searches for "sneakers" or "sneakers." Those are both words that mean roughly the same thing, and people searching for those things would very likely be interested in your product.

Again, in our previous example, the helmet you sell could be suitable for many different sports: skiing, skateboarding, scootering, and cycling. You want your listing to appear when a potential customer searches for any of these things. So you put these "keywords" somewhere in your listing.

The trick with keywords is trying to think like your customer: what might someone be looking for if they want to buy what you're selling? Try including these words in your entry. That means you get your listing in front of as many potential customers as possible.

Here are some tips for using keywords in your listing:

  • Don't make your title or description look spammy (although your eBay title, not your description, can look a little spammy). Try to include them naturally.
  • Don't focus on more than 2-3 keywords (eBay is the exception, 4-5 is ideal).
  • Try to find the more specific keywords. General keywords like “shoe” have far too much competition to rank for. Opt for something like "women's dance shoes" instead. Just describe your product and be specific! Once you've found a niche, you should have lots of niche keywords with little competition.

#3: Write a detailed and compelling description

Next, once a viewer clicks on your listing and sees your product page, they'll see the product description. AProduct description that sellsmust be clear, easy to understand and highly comprehensible. Here are some key points to keep in mind when writing your descriptions:

  • Materials / Specifications: What is it made of? How big is it? Which technical details should the customer know?
  • Features and Benefits: List the features of the product you're selling, but also make sure you're really selling the product by also listing its benefits. For example, instead of writing, "These shoes come in leather and come in black or white," try "These real leather shoes are not only durable, they're also stylish. People will turn their heads when they see you in these! Try the ever-popular black or pure white to really make a statement!”
  • Keywords: You can also add keywords to your description to increase visibility. Include synonyms (e.g. bike, bicycle, cycle) and related usages (e.g. skateboard, scooter, snowboard) - but try to keep it natural so it doesn't look fake and spammy.
  • Bullets and Other Formatting: Make your listing easy to read by breaking the features/benefits into bulleted lists, using subheadings, etc.

Pro tip: To make your product descriptions more effective, create aBuyer Personalitythis will help you understand what your ideal buyer looks like. Aside from helping you with your product descriptions, this will also help you customize your other content (email newsletters, blog content, etc.) and even fine-tune your product development strategies.

#4: Collect your feedback

The feedback and ratings on your product listings are really important.

Selling on eBay & Amazon (13)

Many online shoppers look at customer reviews when browsing product pages; As a matter of fact,88% of shoppers say they trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Accumulating an arsenal of reviews takes a while, so this is more of a long-term project than something you can tweak in an afternoon. But it's still very important to remember.

Both eBay and Amazon automatically send them emails asking them to rate or review their product purchase, but you can also increase the number of reviews by personally contacting your customers and asking for them, or by posting a put a printed note in your box reminding you to leave a review.

Pro tip: If you get a negative review, don't just ignore it.Try removing it, or if you're unable to, reply to the review so your potential buyers can see that you're responsive and open to customer feedback.

#5: Consider your price

It's true that everyone wants the best possible deal and (other things being equal) a tiny difference in price can be enough to make a buyer choose one seller over another.

This is more true of eBay due to their 'used' nature; Amazon has a buy box, which I'll talk about in the Advanced section, that matters more than price.

But there's a reason I put "price" at the bottom of my stack of tweaks.

Before you get into a price war with your competitors and join the “race to the bottom,” consider that the other parts of your product listing (photos, description, feedback) can often trump small price differences.

By all means, look around at your competition and get a feel for what your market will accept, but try to use other differentiators to gain an edge over your competitors before resorting to price cuts.

How do you deal with competition?

No matter how good you are at finding "undiscovered" niches, there's a good chance you'll run into competition at some point in your sales career.

In this case, you need to give your customers a reason to buy from you and not your competition.

Here are some ways to do that.

#1: Create better product listings

As I said before, price isn't the only way to make yourself more attractive to buyers than your competitors. Sometimes a more detailed, comprehensive, or reassuring description can make all the difference for your buyer.

(Video) I Bought 5,000 DVDs to Sell on Ebay and Amazon AGAIN! Making Money Selling Online!

Sometimes, a better product description can even make you charge more than your competitor.

One of the girls in SaleHoo's office has experience with just that: she used to sell exactly the same video games as everyone else, but she was able to sell them at higher prices because she provided much more comprehensive product descriptions. Her customers just felt more comfortable buying from her.

So if you want to set yourself apart from your competitors, take a look at your competitors' listings and see if you see any opportunities to improve them.

  • Are your photos crap? take better
  • Is her description lame? write a better one.
  • Do they mention their warranty/return policy? Mention yours.
  • Does their feedback contain complaints about the packaging? Improve your packaging. And if you really want to turn the knife, mention in your ad how securely your goods are packed.

Basically, spend some time analyzing your competitors' weaknesses and then try to beat them.

#2: Add bonuses or create bundles

While your buyers might be willing to churn just to save a few pennies, you can also use this in your favor: by adding a little bonus to your product, you can set your offering apart from your competitors.

Selling on eBay & Amazon (14)

Think about it: if two different sellers were offering a wide-angle lens for your smartphone camera for the exact same price, but one of those sellers offered you a lens cleaning cloth as a bonus with your purchase, you'd go for the offer. You're the freebie, right ?

Even if this freebie might not be worth much. All else being equal, that extra little bonus could be the deciding factor for your buyer.

Of course, this tactic is difficult to implement if you're dropshipping and can't handle your goods personally, but you can still talk to your supplier about whether it's possible.

Another benefit of creating a "bundle" for your product: if you sell on Amazon, it can also help you get into the coveted "buy box" (see below).

#3: Use other marketing channels to bring customers to you.

The problem with marketplaces like eBay and Amazon is that it's so easy for buyers to compare what you have to your competitors. Buyers come to these sites with a “compare mentality” – they are looking for the best deal.

But what if you could attract buyers who aren't in that "compare" mindset?

You can do this by using other marketing channels (like email or social media) to bring customers directly to you, rather than relying on eBay and Amazon to do your marketing for you.

Selling on eBay & Amazon (15)

For example, let's say I sell cat necklaces for cat lovers. I happen to know that my cat-loving audience spends a lot of time looking at cat photos on Instagram.

Knowing that's where my audience is, I could have a cat Instagram myself where I post cat photos and also promote my cat lover products that are available in my eBay store.

The people I draw to my listings in this way are very different from the people who would normally find my listings on eBay: Instagram's customers came straight to me. You didn't search for "cat jewelry" on eBay. You haven't seen my jewelry stacked with all the other cat jewelry out there.

They don't compare me to anyone else because I brought them straight to me.

Likewise, you could create a Facebook page for yourself (but don't just create it, make sure youmanage and update it well). Or you can collect the email addresses of your previous customers and email them directly when you add a new product to your catalogue.

Finally you canSearch for influencersFinding people to collaborate with on social media who have large, engaged audiences who would love your products.

The trick is to find other ways to attract buyers instead of just relying on eBay or Amazon.

This is a longer-term strategy, but one that should be kept in mind.

#4: Build reputation and loyalty

Another long-term strategy that will help you outperform the competition is to build loyalty and reputation with your existing customers.

Make it so that they have such a great experience buying from you that they would never consider buying from anyone else.

I mentioned earlier that Amazon customers are often willing to pay a little more for their purchases because they know and trust the Amazon brand. They know that Amazon will refund them if something goes wrong with their order (they choose the wrong size or the order doesn't arrive).

Strive to build that same level of trust and loyalty with your own customers, so even if they see your competitor offering the same product at a lower price, they'll still come to you knowing everything is going smoothly runs.

That means...

  • Make sure your customers get their packages on time
  • Make sure the goods are well packed and in good condition
  • Maintain good communication throughout the purchase process
  • If something goes wrong, give them a refund or replacement with as little hassle as possible
  • Respond quickly to all inquiries
  • If possible, try to please your customers: I've seen vendors put a few candies or a few stickers in each package. It's not a big deal, but your customers will remember it!

#5: Create a unique product

If you're selling something that no one else is selling, you're completely shutting out the competition.

(Video) Should You Sell On eBay Or Amazon In 2023?

I'm not talking about finding a product that nobody is selling yet - I'm talking about developing your own product.

In order to sell a unique product, you either have to invent something new or improve on an existing item. I've talked a few times about building your own brand and customizing your items. This idea fits into that category.

For example, matcha powder has become incredibly popular lately. You could sell branded matcha powder already made; or you could sell matcha powder with your own brand name e.gHello Matcha tat.

Instead of selling an existing brand of matcha tea, they found a supplier who would give them somethingPrivate Label Rights(the right to put your own label on the product). Hello Matcha simply created their own logo and labels, gave these to the supplier, and the supplier would dropship the newly labeled product to the customers.

How wise you can findprivate label manufacturerand manufacturer products of your own brand and start selling on eBay or Amazon.

Selling on eBay & Amazon (16)

While Hello Matcha didn't do this to sell on eBay or Amazon, private labeling your own product is a fantastic way to deal with the competition in these marketplaces. There will be no one selling the exact same product as you, so it will be harder for your buyers to compare you to other sellers.

This is a step to strive for, not something to try right away if you're just starting out. Just keep this in mind to ultimately grow your business.


So far, we've talked about strategies that broadly apply to any marketplace you want to sell on. Here are some additional things to consider that pertain to either eBay or Amazon.

Tips for Selling on eBay

Listing Upgrades

eBay is a different beast than Amazon for many reasons, but one of the biggest is the plethora of "upgrades" for your listings.

While most eBay listing upgrades are almost useless waste of money in most situations, there are a few to watch out for. Depending on your budget, product, and overall goal, the following are worth considering:

  • Subtitle: This will show a subtitle below your main product title on the search page. More text means more exposure to your listing, which (hopefully) means more sales.
  • Bold: The product title is shown in bold on the search page. Again, standing out could increase clicks on your listing and possibly sales.
  • Gallery Plus: Allows you to display a larger image when buyers hover over the item. This will make your offer stand out from the rest and attract more buyers.
  • Featured Plus: Displays a larger image when buyers hover over the item (same as Gallery Plus); In addition, your item will appear in search results in the "Special Offers" section above the general image gallery.

While these upgrades are certainly not necessary, they can come in handy when you need a slight boost over the competition.

However, be aware that what works for other traders may not necessarily work for you. I'd recommend trying out the different options on a budget rather than settling on a specific upgrade as you've heard through the rumor mill that it works best.

Save templates

Similar to running your own website, eBay allows its users to install store templates that customize the look of your personal eBay store.

Here are some free website templates:

Just be careful when choosing a template for your business or listing: it's easy to get carried away with the bells and whistles (and the Comic Sans font) that will actually hurt your chances of selling.

Remember, you always want to appear professional and trustworthy. I recommend keeping things as simple and clear as possible and keeping the focus on the product.

Tips for Selling on Amazon

Die Buy-Box

As I mentioned earlier, Amazon's Buy Box is very important. It's the box on the right side of the page where viewers can purchase their item. Only a seller can enter this box.

Selling on eBay & Amazon (17)

This is done by:

  • on the beProfessional sales plan, and bePurchase Box Eligible
  • Sell ​​an item that no one else is selling.
  • Sell ​​a product that others are selling BUT add something to make it a "bundle", effectively making it "unique".

This last option can be a little hard to understand, so let me illustrate: Imagine you are selling a Nike shoe (which you shouldn't necessarily do, this is just an example). You will almost certainly have a lot of competition and it would be difficult to get into the Buy Box.

BUT! If you create a Nike shoe "bundle" that includes shoes and socks (or shoe cleaners or whatever), Amazon sees that as a completely different product. As long as nobody else is selling the exact same package, you're the only one competing for the Buy Box and you're in.

Use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

Fulfilled by Amazon(FBA) is one of the top reasons to choose Amazon over eBay when starting out with a fairly large inventory as it means Amazon can become your warehouse. Dealing with inventory is a huge pain (probably one of the biggest headaches for online retailers). So if you can avoid storing and shipping your own inventory, do it.

Selling on eBay & Amazon (18)

If you use Fulfillment by Amazon, your items can also be shipped to within two days for freeAmazon PrimeCustomers. This can increase your sales as many Prime shoppers are heavily biased towards only buying Prime items. (Personally, I only buy Prime items.)

Remember that if you use FBA, your profits will suffer. Amazon bills you for each item they store and ship. Do the math and see if it still works in your favor. If you need an overview of the entire selling process on Amazon, read ourStep-by-step instructions here.


You now have a much better understanding of the different marketplaces that are available to you and hopefully which one you should opt for. One option we haven't discussed yet is starting your own webshop - this can be a great alternative or complement to selling on eBay or Amazon, but it deserves its own topic: see the next section for info on that: "Starting an online store“.

Also visit ourdropship' section if you've decided you want to try this.

Otherwise, go directly to our "Basics of online business' to learn the last thing you need to know before you launch and expand your new shop!

(Video) How To Find Items On Amazon To Sell On Ebay

Where to go next:
  • Starting an online store


Can I sell the same product on Amazon and eBay? ›

Can I List the Same Item on eBay and Amazon? Yes. Listing the same products on two or more sales channels like eBay and Amazon is a good sales strategy to implement, as this enables you to widen your reach and improve your sales potential.

Why would Amazon and eBay act so differently? ›

Amazon relies on third-party sellers to list their products on the site so that consumers have a large inventory of goods to search through. Similarly, eBay relies on sellers to list their goods for sale to be auctioned off in a certain time period. Amazon is buyer orientated while eBay is seller orientated.

What is the trick to selling on eBay? ›

Request feedback from customers
  1. Offer competitive pricing and shipping.
  2. Answer buyer questions quickly and politely.
  3. Keep track of inventory to avoid canceling sales.
  4. Track shipped items and provide customers with delivery dates.
  5. Promptly report any issues you have with a buyer to eBay.
May 18, 2022

Is eBay worth more than Amazon? ›

Amazon had 469.8 billion USD in 2021, while eBay only had a revenue of 10.42 billion dollars during the same period. Additionally, Amazon is a more diverse company than eBay.

Can you use Amazon FBA to sell on eBay? ›

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) For eBay Orders

Amazon allows its sellers to select an FBA multichannel fulfillment option within Seller Central, which allows you to use their fulfillment centers for eBay orders and even those that come from a separate webstore, as well as your Amazon orders.

Can we integrate eBay to Amazon for more sales? ›

Support for Multiple Stores and Accounts

You can export your eBay store to a single Amazon account just as easily as you can export it to multiple Amazon accounts. There's no limit to where you can sell!

Why is eBay banning sellers? ›

Holds, restrictions, or suspensions are usually placed on accounts for one of the following reasons: You have eBay fees to pay. You need to reimburse eBay for a refund it made to your buyer. You have violated one of eBay's rules or policies.

Is eBay becoming less popular? ›

So I managed to find some info on yesterday's eBay 2021 Q4 Results. It came as no suprise to me - after seeing my own declining site sales last year - that again for the third consecutive quarter that the "Number of Active Ebay Buyers" has fallen down to 147million, an overal yearly decline of nearly 10% .

Is eBay declining? ›

eBay profit

eBay reported an annual net loss of $1.2 billion in 2022, a 109.33% decline from 2021.

What is the most profitable item to sell on eBay? ›

Best Things To Sell On eBay
  • Used Cell Phones. Used and refurbished cell phones are a hot category on eBay that generates over $144 million dollars per year in sales. ...
  • Luxury Watches. ...
  • Toys And Action Figures. ...
  • Computer Accessories. ...
  • Baby Items. ...
  • Collectibles. ...
  • Sports Cards. ...
  • Musical Instruments.

What sells fast on eBay? ›

The best selling items on eBay
  • Cables.
  • Men's Clothing.
  • Fragrances.
  • Computers.
  • Car Phone Holder.
  • Wireless Charger.
  • Necklaces.
  • Supplements.
Jan 24, 2023

What not to sell on eBay? ›

Prohibited and restricted items
  • Adults only.
  • Illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia.
  • Embargoed goods.
  • Firearms and accessories.
  • Government items.
  • Hazardous materials.
  • Items encouraging illegal activity.
  • Lockpicking devices.

Who is eBay's biggest competitor? ›'s top 5 competitors in January 2023 are:,,,, and more.

Which marketplace is best for sellers? ›

#1 top online marketplace: Amazon

One of the biggest benefits to selling on Amazon is the access to the marketplace giant's multi-million buyer base. However, a big challenge can be competition. For reduced competition, consider selling niche products.

Which is safer Amazon or eBay? ›

Which is Safer, Amazon or eBay? E-commerce can be a risky business, but overall, Amazon may have more safeguards in place because you don't have to interact with your customers. Amazon handles the payments to the seller. However, both Amazon and eBay have many safeguards in place to protect their sellers and customers.

Is it illegal to sell Amazon items on eBay? ›

Consumer law doesn't prevent you from doing Amazon to eBay arbitrage. However, as the seller of the item, it is your responsibility to deal with any problems, including complaints and returns.

Is it worth being an Amazon FBA seller? ›

Not just because of its massive user base but also because of the benefits afforded by Amazon's end-to-end Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) services. Given 85% of Amazon's biggest sellers use it, is Amazon FBA worth it for emerging eCommerce brands? In a word, yes.

What percentage does Amazon take from FBA sellers? ›

What are common Amazon FBA fees? Amazon charges all sellers 15% of the product's selling price on each product sold, regardless of the ecommerce fulfillment method.

How do I increase my eBay sales conversion rate? ›

Here are our tips for improving your eBay Conversion Rate:
  1. Offer free shipping.
  2. Use an automated repricing platform.
  3. Run promotion offers.
  4. Optimize listings.
Aug 17, 2022

Does eBay automatically increase selling limits? ›

eBay will review your account every month and adjust the limits automatically based on your sales volume and the feedback you've received from buyers. Please remember that you can't increase your selling limit by purchasing a Store subscription package.

How do I avoid selling limits on eBay? ›

What To Know Before Increasing Ebay Selling Limits
  1. Make Sure Our Limits Are Full. ...
  2. No Open Returns/Cases Or Unresolved Buyer Requests. ...
  3. Seller Level Is In Good Standing. ...
  4. Items Are In Stock. ...
  5. Verified Payoneer Account. ...
  6. The Automatic Method. ...
  7. Request To List More. ...
  8. Contact eBay Via Email.

Does eBay punish sellers? ›

Everyone benefits so long as buyers and sellers alike trust the eBay marketplace. All of the above practices put trust at risk, so eBay restricts sales or suspends sellers entirely when they occur.

Is there a good alternative to eBay? ›

15+ best eBay alternatives
  • Shopify. Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms that provides everything you need to build and grow your online store. ...
  • Amazon. ...
  • Etsy. ...
  • Bonanza. ...
  • eBid. ...
  • eCrater. ...
  • 7. Facebook Marketplace. ...
  • eWorldTrade.

Why can't I sell on eBay anymore? ›

We usually place restrictions or suspensions on accounts for the following reasons: You may have eBay selling costs that you need to pay. You may need to reimburse eBay for a refund we paid to your buyer. You may need to resolve a buyer's issue, or upload tracking information.

What are the negatives of eBay? ›

The disadvantages of selling on eBay

The commissions and fees for selling on eBay are higher than other online sales platforms, thus reducing profits for sellers. If you use the auction model, you will need to constantly monitor the items you're selling, and reactivate them if they expire without receiving any bids.

Did IRS delay $600 eBay? ›

The IRS will delay the expanded Form 1099-K reporting requirement for annual transactions over $600 from Third-Party Settlement Organizations (TPSOs) like eBay, Etsy, Venmo, and PayPal. This requirement will make tax compliance more difficult for businesses using TPSO online platforms.

What age uses eBay the most? ›

61% of eBay's audience is made up of 35-64 year-olds.

Why does eBay have a bad reputation? ›

eBay has experienced controversy, including cases of fraud, its policy requiring sellers to use PayPal, and concerns over forgeries and intellectual property violations in auction items.

Is selling on eBay stressful? ›

Dealing with angry customers, difficult returns, damaged items, scammers, incommunicable shipping companies and seemingly unattainable customer service standards are common sources of stress for eBay sellers.

What time of day is best to post on eBay? ›

Generally, the best times to list an item are when most people will be browsing the Internet. For most potential bidders, this will be in the evenings, when people are home from work or school.

Can you make $1000 a month selling on eBay? ›

I quickly realized how much money-making potential there was and set up a shop. After setting up a store and putting in a little more time I was able to start bringing in over $1,000 per month on eBay (and often more), all for just an hour or two of work every couple of days!

How much does the average eBay seller make? ›

How much does an EBAY Seller make? As of Mar 7, 2023, the average annual pay for an EBAY Seller in the United States is $39,555 a year.

What sells instantly? ›

The 20 Best Things to Sell for Quick Money Right Now
  • Jewelry and watches. ...
  • Video game consoles. ...
  • Old phones and accessories. ...
  • Purses, wallets, and backpacks. ...
  • Yard equipment. ...
  • Jeans, workwear, and designer clothing. ...
  • Furniture. ...
  • Baby gear.

What is the best day to sell on eBay? ›

Sunday. Sunday is widely considered to be the best day to end an auction, as Jane eBay and Joe Bidder are more likely to be sitting in front of their computers at home with time to shop. Many people also use Sunday-and to a lesser extent, Saturday—as “get things done” days, including searching and bidding on eBay.

What is the most sold item in the world? ›

What is the most sold item in world? The most sold item in the world is clothing and fashion items. This ranges from women and men's outfits to children's clothing, shoes, accessories, and more. People love their clothes, and fashion isn't going anywhere!

Do you get a 1099 for selling on eBay? ›

Your sales on online marketplaces like eBay are considered reportable income once they are over a certain amount. Because eBay processes payments for these sales, IRS regulations require us to issue a 1099-K for US sellers who sell $20,000 or more in 2021 and $600 or more in 2022.

Can you make a living from eBay? ›

The average eBay seller earns about $35,000 per year. Some top earners make as much as $70,000, and many earn just a few thousand per year. It all depends on how much inventory you can sell, the price of your items, and any extra expenses that you incur like shipping materials.

What is the best category to sell on eBay? ›

Here are examples of items which are in demand globally:
  • Automotive. Body, Exterior and Interior Parts & Accessories. ...
  • Clothing, Shoes & Accessories. Men's & Women's Clothing, Shoes & Accessories. ...
  • Home & Garden. ...
  • Collectibles. ...
  • Business & Industrial. ...
  • Jewelry & Watches. ...
  • Health & Beauty. ...
  • Computers/Tablets & Networking.

Why are my views so low on eBay? ›

If your eBay listings are getting no views, one of the primary reasons might be SEO compliance. As an e-commerce seller, you might be familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Unless you post your listing with eBay's SEO in mind, it will be very difficult to have your listing on top of the search results.

Is it better to sell on Mercari or eBay? ›

eBay is likely the “best” place to sell with the largest audience and broadest range of what you can sell. In a very recent press report, Mercari reports having over 20 million monthly active users. On Mercari, you can sell just about anything, so long as it can be shipped.

WHO targets eBay audience? ›

eBay Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning
Type of segmentationSegmentation criteriaeBay target segment
DemographicAge16 – 40
GenderMales & Females
Life-cycle stageBachelor Stage Newly Married Couples Full Nest I Full Nest II
OccupationStudents, employees, professionals
9 more rows
Sep 24, 2016

Is Amazon better than eBay? ›

Overall: Who Wins – eBay or Amazon? There is, unfortunately, no definitive winner! While Amazon scores well for trust, loyal customers, lower fees, branding opportunities and their fulfilment service, eBay wins for competitiveness, lower fees, loyalty and fewer restrictions!

Who has more customers eBay or Amazon? ›

The size of eBay's marketplaces is a small fraction of what Amazon's is. In 2021, eBay has 182 million users worldwide, while Amazon has over 200 million Prime members alone.

What is the easiest platform to sell online? ›

Sell on marketplaces
  • Amazon. Amazon is undoubtedly a reliable and go-to website that attracts more than 20.6 million people each month. ...
  • Bonanza. This Seattle-based company is a relatively new face in the E-commerce world; however, it's doing incredibly well. ...
  • Chairish. ...
  • Craigslist. ...
  • eBay. ...
  • Etsy. ...
  • 9. Facebook Marketplace. ...
  • Nextdoor.
Mar 1, 2023

Why do eBay sellers use private listings? ›

Private listings allow buyers to remain anonymous when they bid on or buy an item. Usernames are hidden from other members viewing the listing and can only be seen by the seller. As a seller, you might choose to set up private listings when you're selling high-priced items or pharmaceutical products.

What is the safest way to sell on eBay? ›

Safe selling on eBay

Use the feedback mechanism to get the best possible rating. Give good customer service so that a bad transaction does not escalate into negative feedback. Provide trustworthy payment mechanisms, including signing up for PayPal. Do not accept Western Union or other money transfer payments.

Does Amazon or eBay have lower fees? ›

eBay Pricing and Fees. Selling on eBay is cheaper than selling on Amazon. This is because Amazon charges more fees that can eat into your profit margin. The standard Amazon fee is 15% with a $0.99 fee per item, while eBay fees for a standard account are often less than 9.15%.

Can I sell the same listing both on FBA and seller? ›

An Amazon Seller can sell products through both FBA and FBM but not for the same product in the same country at the same time. 2. In case your FBA stock runs out in the Amazon warehouse, then you can switch to FBM and fulfill orders.

Can you dropship from Amazon to eBay? ›

Amazon store dropshipping to eBay

An older dropshipping model that's still around is dropshipping cheap products from Amazon FBA to buyers on eBay. While it's legal, it's generally frowned upon by platforms and even buyers—and you only walk away with a thin margin of profit.

Can you sell the same thing on Amazon? ›

You cannot create a listing for your used product if the same product is already being sold on Amazon — even if the existing listing only offers the item in “new” condition.

Is it legal to resell Amazon products? ›

Yes, it is legal to resell Amazon products. If you are considering reselling, make sure to follow the guidelines set forth by the retail giant to ensure you do not get banned from the platform. Where to buy items to resell on Amazon? There are many places to find items for reselling.

How many items do you need to sell on Amazon FBA? ›

There is no minimum for sending inventory into Amazon FBA. So it is possible to test as little as one unit at a time to test products on Amazon. Sending in small shipments does increase your overall shipping cost and can reduce profitability in the short term.

Do you get more sales with FBA? ›

Enrolling your products in the FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) program already gives you a bit of an edge since it means your items gain Amazon Prime status. It's also said to average a 20-25% uptick in sales—so, not a bad start.

Can 2 people do Amazon FBA? ›

Yes you can add user permission, you can go to settings and add user.

Does eBay ban you for dropshipping? ›

Yes, eBay will suspend or ban dropshippers who repeatedly disregard their policies on dropshipping. For example, listing an item on eBay and then buying it from another retailer or marketplace is not allowed.

Is it easier to dropship on eBay or Amazon? ›

It is easy to start dropshipping on eBay

In comparison with Shopify and Amazon, eBay offers an easy and very quick process of creating a seller account there. This is already a major reason why it is such a beginner-friendly platform to start a dropshipping business.

Is dropshipping from Amazon to eBay profitable? ›

Dropshipping on eBay is low-risk and profitable. The secret to making a living through this business, though, is sourcing low-cost items and selling them via the marketplace for a higher markup.

What is piggybacking on Amazon? ›

What is Amazon Piggybacking? Amazon Piggybacking is becoming an 'additional seller' on the Amazon Marketplace. This happens when additional sellers try to capitalize on the original seller's efforts and use their product listing to sell their own products.

Can I sell unbranded product on Amazon? ›

Any seller can sell a different version of your generic product on the Amazon marketplace: Generic items are just that; generic. No branding, nothing.

Can I rebrand a product and sell it on Amazon? ›

Amazon Brand Registry and Trademarks

Rebranding elsewhere while Amazon features your old branding for months can create confusion and erode customer trust in product authenticity. Fortunately, you can register a new brand to the same Amazon Brand Registry account.

How much does an average Amazon seller make? ›

What are the average monthly sales for Amazon sellers? Most Amazon sellers make at least $1,000 per month in sales, and some super-sellers make more than $100,000 each month in sales. 45% of Amazon sellers make $1,000 to $25,000/month, which could mean $12,000 to $300,000 in annual sales.

What is Amazon flip? ›

Amazon flipping is when you sell a product on Amazon at a higher price than what you bought it for. You can find products to flip in local stores, garage sales, or other online marketplaces. Searching online retailers is often the more convenient option and is generally less time-consuming.

Is it illegal to resell items for a higher price? ›

No, it is not illegal to resell items at higher prices. However, it is always best to let buyers know the item's state so that it won't seem as if you are selling under pretense. If the items have been used already, it is best to state them in the description.


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