Where to Watch Liga MX 2021-22 Live on US TV? (2023)

Where to Watch Liga MX 2021-22 Live on US TV? (1)The Mexican Liga MX is the most popular and most watched national soccer league of all US televised soccer competitions. Mexico's highest soccer competition has gained tremendous popularity in the United States due to the large number of Mexicans or Mexicans residing in the country, the best accessibility among all and also the tremendous level of entertainment. This article is the best guide for viewers on where and how to watch Liga MX games live in the United States.

Where to watch Mexican Liga MX games live on TV in United States?

Liga MX is shown on a large number of cable television networks and cable television channels in the United States.FOX Sports Network, ESPN Network, Univision Networkas well asTelemundo by NBC, all these popular sports specialty networks have the rights to broadcast Liga MX games live in America. In fact, these networks make team-based deals and, according to these deals, televise the home games of the respective clubs.

Details on broadcasting Liga MX club-based home games:

FOX Sports Network will broadcast home games fromMonterreyAndClub TijuanaInEnglishthroughFS1AndFS2.They also broadcast the home games ofSantos Laguna along with the previously mentionedclubhome games, InSpanish languagethroughFOX deported. Apart from that, the network will stream some of the games live through its regional channels in different parts of the US. Satellite TV users can find FS1, FS2 and FOX Deportes in bothdish networkAndDirectTV.

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NBC's sports specialty serviceTelemundohas acquired the broadcasting rights ofhome gameswithChivas Guadalajara. They just bought the right in 2020 and will be broadcasting the games in bothEnglishAndSpanishLanguage.

Univision Network, the largest Liga MX television network in the United States, holds the television rights to home games of14 of 18 Liga MX Clubs!The network will broadcast the matches live through the channels:TUDN, Univision, UniMasand gala vision. All these channels are available via TV satellite Dish Network and DirecTV.

Apart from theseESPN-Sportalso TV2-3 games every weekendwhich are also available through Univision network channels. So theSpanishVoice users can also visit this channel to enjoy some of the Liga MX action live.

On the Liga MX games television broadcast chart:

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broadcast networkCable TV ChannelsWith home pageMatch available languages
FOX Sports NetworkFOX Sport 1Monterrey, Club TijuanaBoth English and Spanish
FOX Sport 2Both English and Spanish
FOX deportedSantos Laguna, Monterrey and Club TijuanaOnly Spanish
ABCTelemundoChivas GuadalajaraBoth English and Spanish
UnitLEARNClub America, Cruz Azul, Atlas, Athletic San Luis, Leon, Juarez, Mazatlan, Puebla, Pachuca, Necaxa, Queretaro, UNAM, UANL, TolucaBoth English and Spanish
UnitBoth English and Spanish
UniMasBoth English and Spanish
ESPNESPN-SportClub America, Cruz Azul, UNAM, UANL, TolucaOnly Spanish

Matchday-based Liga MX broadcast table in America:

A typical Liga MX game week begins with a few Friday night games, followed by 3-4 Saturday night matches and 2-3 Sunday night matches before ending with Monday night action.

Choose MatchdayGame start time (in US)With clubs (home games)Broadcast cable television network or channel
Fridays7:30 p.m. ETNecaxa, PublaUnivision network
8:30 p.m. ETJuarez, MazatlanUnivision network
Saturdays7 p.m. ETGuadalajaraTelemundo (NBC)
Club TijuanaFOX Sports Network
UANLESPN Deportes oder Univision Network
9 p.m. ETClub America, Cruz AzulESPN Deportes oder Univision Network
AtlasUnivision network
7 and 9 p.m. ETMonterreyFOX Sports Network
Sundays7 p.m. ETQueretaroUnivision network
Santos LegunaFOX Sports Network
12 o'clock ETEINS, TolucaESPN Deportes oder Univision Network
on Monday9 p.m. ETPachuca, LeonUnivision network
Various or non-specificVarious (unspecific)St. Louis AthleticUnivision network

How can I live stream Liga MX games within the US?

Lots of ways to enjoy Liga MX fights live via online streaming in USA. The sources through which you can watch Mexico top league games live in America are listed below:

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  • fuboTV:Definitely thebest sourceto watch all Liga MX games live here in America. fuboTV gives youaccess to allthe FOX Sports Network, Univision Network Channels and Telemundo. As such, it's the only source to ensure you don't miss a minute of any of the US broadcast dates. You can purchase the monthly package from59,99 US-DollarAndadd "Sport Plus".for$11 more. In total70,99 US-Dollaroffers you a month of unlimited football matches, including Liga MX fixtures.
  • Sling-TV:Sling TV provides access toFS1, FS2, FOX Deportes, ESPN Deportesas well asUniMas.Your monthly subscription fee is30 US-Dollarfor bothSling Orange oder Sling BlauAnd45 US-Dollarfor thecombinedpackage of the two.
  • University now:The Univision Group's online streaming service, which means it brings you the majority of the games that are broadcast over the Univision network channelsUniMas, Galavision and Univision.However, the standalone service Univision Nowdoes not have TUDNand you can only access this channel with a cable TV subscription. It can be purchased both asmonthlyoryearlyPackage. The aforementioned costs10,99 US-DollarMeanwhile, the one mentioned later will make you pay118,99 US-Dollarfor a full year of service.
  • AT&T TV now:Offers FOX Sports Network channels along with ESPN Deportes so you can catch some of the action live. Monthly packages varyfrom $59.99 to $129.99and also offers potential new subscribers a 7-day free trial.
  • Hulu+ Live-TV:Just like AT&T TV Now, Hulu+ Live also offers access toFS1, FS2, FOX Deportes und ESPN Deportes. It will cost54,99 $for a month of service.
  • YouTube-TV:The least service among all that have been mentioned. This source of entertainment gives you access to theFS1AndFS2only. That said, if you are an entertainment lover and watching either Monterrey or Club Tijuana home games live or both, then you can go for this source. YouTube TV costs subscribers64,99 US-Dollarfora monthService.

Online streaming details of Liga MX games in America:

streaming source or serviceCable TV channels availableAvailable Home Games ClubCost
fuboTVFS1, FS2, FOX Deportes, Telemundo, Univision, TUDN, UniMas, ESPN DeportesHome games of all 18 Liga MX clubs are available$70.99 per month (on top of $11 per month Sports Plus)
Sling-TVFS1, FS2, FOX Deportes, UniMas und ESPN Deportes.Most games are also available through this source$30 per month for Sling Orange or Sling Blue (standalone) or $45 combined
university nowUniMas, Galavision and UnivisionClub America, Cruz Azul, Atlas, Athletic San Luis, Leon, Juarez, Mazatlan, Puebla, Pachuca, Necaxa, Queretaro, UNAM, UANL, Toluca$10.99 per month, $118.99 per year
AT&T TV nowFS1, FS2, FOX Deportes und ESPN DeportesSantos Laguna, Monterrey and Club Tijuana, Club America, Cruz Azul, UNAM, UANL, Toluca$59.99-$129.99 per month
Hulu+ Live-TVFS1, FS2, FOX Deportes und ESPN DeportesSantos Laguna, Monterrey and Club Tijuana, Club America, Cruz Azul, UNAM, UANL, Toluca$54.99 per month
YouTube-TVFS1 and FS2 onlyMonterrey und Club Tijuana$64.99 per month

Aside from all the above possibilities, theRadioLovers in the US can also listen to Liga MX coverageSiriusXMover her radio.

Ways to enjoy Liga MX action live in Canada:

Canadian viewers can watch select Liga MX games live on the premium dedicated sports serviceOneSoccer.The owning company of the mentioned serviceMediaprorecently extended his contract with the agency for two more seasonsbis 2021-22. They will be broadcast2 games per game weekand are expected to stream the schedulesEnglishas well asFrench language.However, the subscription streaming service broadcasts the home games of7 Liga MX-Clubs. . . . The teams are: Blue Cross, Club America, Necaxa, UANL Tigers, UNAM Cougars, FC Juarez and Toluca.

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Viewers can purchase the service in daily, monthly, and yearly packages. Which last 24 hoursdailyService charge5,99 US-DollarIt's now 30 days longmonthlyPackage has a subscription fee of9,99 US-Dollar.Aside from these, theyearlyPackage that offers 12 months long service cost74,99 US-Dollarto the general customer, while aDiscount of $25 (USD 49.99)for theHolders of a CPL Club Season Pass. Interestingly, in order to attract the new customers, the service gives aFree trial periodadvantage of30 Taketo potential new customers.

Chart of Liga MX broadcast details in Canada:

Broadcast or streaming optionWith clubsCost
OneSoccer (owned by Mediapro)Cruz Azul, Club America, UNAM Pumas, FC Juarez, Necaxa, Toluca and UANL TigresDaily Subscription Fee $5.99, Monthly Subscription Fee $9.99, Annual Subscription Fee $74.99. $49.99 per year for CPL Club season ticket holders.

Where can I find Mexican cup competitions live on US TV?

Two premier level cup version soccer competitions of Mexico, Copa MX and Supercopa MX selection matches are available both through cable TV channels and online streaming platforms. Copa MX, the competition in which all Liga MX clubs participate along with clubs from the lower league, is a group system as well as a KO-style football cup tournament.Copa MXMatches are generally available overTUDN, Galavision, FS1, FS2, FOX Deportes, ESPN Deportes. Still, viewers can chooseMX-SupercupFixtures on Univision network channelsLEARNAndUnit.Online viewers can follow the action live viafuboTV, Univision Now, Sling-TVand some other online streaming sources.

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Mexican National Soccer Championshipbroadcasting of television channelsOnline Streaming Sources
Copa MXFS1, FS2, FOX Deportes, ESPN Deportes, TUDN, Galavision.fuboTV, Univision Now, Sling Orange.
MX-SupercupUnivision and TUDN.fuboTV, Univision Now


How can I watch Liga MX in USA? ›

To find Liga MX games on US television, the matches are spread across a number of networks: FS1, FS2, FOX Deportes, Univision, UniMas, Telemundo, Universo, TUDN, ESPN Deportes, ESPN+ and ViX+.

Where can I watch Liga MX live games? ›

Where to watch Liga MX on TV and stream online?
CountryTV channel & stream
MexicoTelevisa, TV Azteca, Claro Sports, Imagen Television, Fox Sports, ESPN Latin America
USASling TV, ESPN Deportes, Fox Deportes, Telemundo, Univision, TUDN, UniMas, (Spanish), FS1, FS2 (English)
9 more rows
Feb 1, 2023

What channel is Liga MX game on? ›

Meanwhile in the United States, select Liga MX games will be aired live on: TUDN USA, FOX Sports, Univision with English commentary.

Does Peacock have Liga MX? ›

Watch Chivas de Guadalajara Streaming Live | LigaMX | Peacock.

Does Fox sports have Liga MX? ›

Liga MX Scores & Schedule | FOX Sports.

Does Univision now have Liga MX? ›

All your favorite current and classic novelas. Watch Live: UEFA Champions League and Europa League, Liga MX, MNT, USMNT, Nations League and more.

Where can I watch Liga MX without cable? ›

  • Amazon Prime.
  • AMC+
  • DAZN.
  • Disney+
  • ESPN+
  • Fanatiz.
  • FITE TV.
  • FloSports.
Feb 3, 2023

Is LaLiga only on ESPN+? ›

Every LaLiga game

Games will be shown in English and Spanish on ESPN+ with a very select number of games expected to be televised too. Even the televised games will be stream live on ESPN+ as well.

Does Paramount plus show Liga MX? ›

Yes! You can stream matches live, on demand, and year-round with Paramount+.

Is Liga MX on fuboTV? ›

Yes! fuboTV networks broadcast Premier League, Champions League, MLS, Ligue 1, Liga MX and many others leagues and tournaments.

Can you watch Liga MX on Univision now? ›

Watch Live: UEFA Champions League and Europa League, Liga MX, MNT, USMNT, Nations League and more. Noticiero Univision, Monday to Friday, 6:30 PM/5:30C with Jorge Ramos and Ilia Calderón. Go back up to 3 days and stay informed 24/7 with your local newscast.

Can you watch Liga MX on Apple TV? ›

LIGA MX | Apple TV. All the excitement and action of the First Division of Mexican soccer.

Does Apple TV have Liga MX? ›

All teams will have an Apple TV sleeve patch on their jerseys, which will be underneath the MLS logo. Besides all regular-season and postseason matches, the package includes all Leagues Cup matches — the competition between MLS and Mexico's Liga MX — as well as select MLS NEXT Pro and MLS NEXT matches.

Where can I stream the Mexico game? ›

Mexico game will be broadcast on Fox Sports 1 and Telemundo Deportes -- plus stream live on Peacock Premium.


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